About Me

I am a passionate computer engineer hungry for learning and innovation. I love solving challenging problems and puzzles, even under pressure. I have a dedication for my work that borders on obsession. Having trained in many disciplines throughout my life, I now enjoy and practice a wide range of the Arts and Sciences. I love working in diverse groups of likeminded individuals to build impactful products. While working with others, open lines of communication and establishing a common understanding is always my priority.

Fields of Interest

My favorite hobby is being humbled over and over by the sheer capacity of mathematics and science.

  • Deep Learning
  • System Design
  • Game Theory
  • Formal Epistemology

Projects & Experience

I am always on the lookout for opportunities to improve myself and broaden my horizons through creation and production.

Deep Learning for Infineon

I worked together with two of my professors on a consultation project for Infineon. We used machine learning algorithms to help Infineon carry out quality control more efficiently.

CapsNet FPGA Accelerator

I worked alongside two of my colleagues as we built an FPGA accelerator for CapsNet. My responsibilities included analyzing advanced deep learning and optimization algorithms in detail and implementing them in C from scratch to serve as reference for lower level implementations in hardware.


I created an open source Convolutional Neural Network inference library in C with complete documentation from scratch which can interface with Keras. My goal is to guide anyone interested in learning the inner workings of convolutional inference.